Monday, October 17, 2005
Live from Las Vegas! ;D
Yes, I really am in Las Vegas as I type this. :) But no, this will not be a long blog entry, and will have no photos either. :( All that good stuff will come when I get home and have time to tell all sorts of amusing, exciting, interesting or just plain weird things about my 3-day trip! (And download many cool photos.)

Alas, currently I have only 10-20 minutes to use the free 'Internet Cafe' here at The Aladdin Hotel/Casino, and then I need to be considerate and give up this computer to the next person waiting. You'd think with the size of this convention (Society of Professional Journalists National Convention), they'd have set up more than FOUR computers for us to use, but hey -- it still beats paying $9.95 to use the computer in my own hotel room, or $5 per 10 minutes or so in the hotel's 'Business Center'.

And so, I will sign off for now, but please stay tuned for more in a few days. :) In the meantime, please check out the entry immediately preceeding this one: "Flowers, Feathers, Fish & Food." It will hopefully fill your daily quota for enjoying the ramblings of Scary Shari. *grin*

P.S. No jackpots yet, but hopefully I'll make some winnings tonight! (How much can one win on nickel slots anyway?) ;)

Today I am feeling AGOG!
posted by ScaryShari @ 12:34 PM  
  • At 3:58 PM, Blogger Shari said…

    Hopefully you will see this or get the text messages before you have time to build up bitter resentment over being abandoned by your LV counterpart. ;)

    Me, I'm bitter because you know what we could have done? We could have had some adventure and then both blogged about it! She Said, She Said! With photos of each other taking photos of each other!

    Looking forward to finding out what you end up doing here in Sin City tonight. Here's hoping you gave the watermelon soft drink a go...

  • At 12:02 PM, Blogger ScaryShari said…

    Hey Shari! :) I only checked my email and blog mid-day Monday because the convention's free 'Internet Cafe' closed early. :( So I didn't see this in time.

    I also didn't your text messages. Did your phone confirm they'd gone thru, or did they remain 'in transit'? The reason I ask is because several folks had weird probs sending/receiving calls AND text messages with me at The Aladdin. I did get one 'Missed Call' on Monday from a number that showed as 'Unavailable' -- was that you? I left you 1 voicemail Sunday and 1 on Monday, but I don't know if you got 'em.

    *sigh* Ah, the foibles of modern technology! But fear not -- I'm not bitter, and I didn't think you abandoned me. I generally assume the best of people, not the worst. :) I just figured something came up for you and/or Mike and that you couldn't make it. Or that you never got my voicemails. I hope everything was okay for you guys that night.

    Yes, it would've been a blast for the two most eccentric Sharis west of the Mississippi to have adventured and blogged together! *highfive* I even bought a cheezy but cool souvenir from the San Jose Int'l Airport to give you as a belated B-Day surprise. Well, there's always next time. And now that I have a "friend" in Las Vegas, maybe I shall make another trip next year! *hint hint* :D :)

    I love watermelon, but don't know anything of the watermelon soft drink you mentioned. Is it served at the Aladdin? I did discover, in Aladdin's Desert Passage mall, a place called 'Fat Tuesday' that sells about a dozen frozen fruity blended alcoholic drinks! I had an amusing experience there; watch my blog for more.

    But first I need to catch up on lots of email and other things! Type to you soon. :)


  • At 10:07 AM, Blogger milgwimper said…

    Scary Shari,

    Well I am so glad you have made it safely home, but sad that you and your LV counterpart could not meet. It would have been interesting. I cannot wait for your new post, although I might have to call you! ;P :D

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